Urban Farm at Enston Home | The Green Heart Project

Together, we can create a healthy urban center and environment for our residents and our future generations in Charleston.

Located at the intersection of King Street and Huger Street in the Upper Peninsula of Downtown Charleston, the Urban Farm at Enston Home is a partnership between the Green Heart Project and the Charleston Housing Authority. It fulfills the spirit of William Enston’s will by building a garden for its residents, while serving as an educational asset for surrounding schools.

The Farm will provide:

1. Farm to School and outdoor education for 3 surrounding schools

The farm will serve all students of James Simons Elementary School, Charleston Charter School for Math and Science, and Charleston Catholic School, increasing the Green Heart Project’s current reach of 1,200 students to a total of 2,200 students.

2. A new youth internship program for high school students

The Green Heart Project’s Youth Internship Program will employ young people in the Charleston area to develop career and healthy living skills and to promote engaged citizenship through urban farming. Now accepting applications for youth intern positions for Summer 2021 – Click here to learn more and apply by March 31, 2021!

3. Access to healthy food for students and neighbors

The farm will increase the Green Heart Project’s total fruit and vegetable production capacity from 2,000 lbs per year, to 5,000 lbs per year. The food will be donated to schools and sold at affordable prices to residents and neighbors.

4. Community building for residents of the Upper Peninsula

Volunteer opportunities, public events, and an accessible gathering space will promote community building among residents in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

Urban Farm Build Partners

Charleston Housing Authority

Charleston Housing Authority provides decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing to low and moderate income citizens of the City of Charleston


SeamonWhiteside is a leader of environmentally conscious, low-impact advancements in engineering and site design. SW blends civil engineering and landscape architecture to create holistic and sustainable environments.

Yellowstone Landscape

James White Construction

Clemson School of Architecture

Timber Artisans, LLC

Urban Farm Donors

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Get Involved

Interested in donating, volunteering, or partnering on this project? Email us at urbanfarm@greenheartsc.org or call 843-790-3188 for more information.

We look forward to growing with you!