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Green Heart Taco Recipe

Last week our summer campers had the pleasure of getting together with our friends from Taco Boy Downtown to create a custom taco recipe using ingredients fresh from the Green Heart garden as well as those already featured on Taco Boy’s menu. Let me tell you, not only did we have an absolute blast hanging out with the Taco Boy gang and showing them around the garden (and a few of our favorite dance moves) but the end result of the taco with ingredients selected only by our campers was DELICIOUS and simply too good not to share.

If you ask me our campers are some talented chefs, but we would love for you to try the recipe at home and let us know what you think!


Green Heart Taco Recipe

whole wheat tortillas

grilled chicken

diced tomatoes

pineapple chunks

sliced green peppers

chopped red onions

sliced radishes

sliced carrots

chopped romaine lettuce

sour cream

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On July 28, 2014
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