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Partnership Highlight: Pinnacle Financial Partners

Earlier this summer, Pinnacle Financial Partners partnered with our inaugural paid Youth Internship Program as the 2020 Career Preparedness Sponsor. The Career Preparedness pillar includes hands-on, work-based learning for Youth Interns in the business of managing food production and sales at the Urban Farm at Enston Home in Downtown Charleston. The curriculum also includes educational sessions on workplace skills & leadership, financial literacy, and business & entrepreneurship. As part of their partnership, Pinnacle Financial Partners associates led an 8-week financial literacy course (on Zoom!) directly with our Youth Interns.

This past Tuesday, our Youth Interns finished their last lesson led by Pinnacle and we caught up (virtually!) with Financial Advisor Mike Tecosky and Financial Specialists Clarissa Pryor, Rebecca Hesse and Kim Driffin to hear about their experience with the Youth Internship Program and the importance of financial literacy education.

How does sponsoring and leading this program align with Pinnacle’s mission as a financial institution?

Mike: Serving our community and making it a better place is part of Pinnacle’s DNA. It’s just who we are. Our work is focused on improving quality of life for our friends and neighbors. Financial education, especially for young people, is an investment in our future. We will all be better off when more people in more parts of our community can be financially stable and independent. It’s an honor to be a part of that.  

What has been your experience leading the financial literacy unit of the Youth Internship Program so far?

Clarissa: It has been incredible – better than I could have imagined. Moving the sessions to Zoom was not ideal but the interns remained positive and engaged. They are so intelligent and I have my own take aways from each session I was lucky enough to lead.

In your words, what is the importance of teaching financial literacy to young people?

Rebecca: Teaching financial literacy to young people is important because it equips them with the knowledge & skills to manage money. The financial foundation established will be applicable when it comes to both their personal and professional lives. Not to mention the decisions you make as a youth can follow you in to adulthood and affect all aspects of your life (where you live & work).  

What impact do you think the program is having on the youth interns in our program?

Kim: This has been a rewarding experience not only for the students but for me also.  Financial Education is so important for the youth interns.  Most times financial education is not taught in schools or even at home.  The topics discussed during this 8-week program are perfect for students to apply in their everyday life and the future.  When I worked with the youth interns we discussed Credits and Debt and Smart Shopping.  The students were involved in all the discussions and asked many questions.

How have you seen them grow over the course of the past four weeks?

Clarissa: I have noticed that they have become more comfortable sharing personal experiences. They speak up more and ask great questions.

Any other highlights, things that have surprised or impressed you?

Clarissa: I had to keep reminding myself these interns are young adults. Some comments and observations they made shows they are wise beyond their years. These interns have future plans and so much potential. They are also so passionate of their interests, I know each of them will go so far in life.

Rebecca: For starters, I am impressed that these are high school interns. If I could go back to my younger self I would emphasize the importance of planning & preparing for your future, even when it might not be “cool’. I have enjoyed how engaged everyone has been, sharing experiences they have had & how they apply to the topic at hand.

Kim: The youth interns are exceptionally smart and I was able to learn from them too.  They have goals and know what they want to do with their future.  At the end of every session I’m more and more impress with the youth interns.  I really enjoyed working with them and hope to meet them in person one day.

A BIG thank you from the bottom of our {green} hearts to Pinnacle Financial Partners for their sponsorship of our inaugural Youth Internship Program and for sharing their knowledge and expertise with our class of interns ?

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